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How to Use SocialScribe Extension

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Generate Your OpenAI key

Know how to create your openAI key
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Inboxes are jam -packed, LinkdedIn replies are not.

Easy to setup

It takes just few steps and get your started.

For Business Owners

Be seen by your clients Drive views to your profile Convert views into sales

For Marketing

Promote your products organically Human-like LinkedIn comments Drive engagement at scale

For Students

Get noticed and build your network on LinkedIn and get hired

Super fast communication

Engage fast and easy. Engage with potential people through authentic, personalized comments on their LinkedIn posts.

Get seen by more people

Interact with your network consistently using AI-driven comments at scale, increase visibility, and attract more profile views.


Welcome to AIPOOOL. A ONE-STOP SOLUTION for all your AI NEEDS. It is a collective effort of great team of core IT professionals with global perspectives and presence, we hold the belief that AI represents the future. Our vision is rooted in a future where AI elevates the toolkit of every professional.
Our aim is to contribute to society by offering a range of services to the general public, startups, companies, and businesses in the field of AI.
Our team extensively explores/creates tools, plugins, and apps to ensure the delivery of top-notch content. Designed for proactive modern professionals, we offer thorough resources that guide the way to integrating AI in the workplace. Begin your journey by visiting our website.
Explore the possibilities with AIPOOOL and let us empower your journey into the world of artificial intelligence. We welcome any inquiries or feedback; feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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Excellent 4 of 5 stars rating

Based on real users reviews

“I’ve been thoroughly enjoying socialscribe! It’s been incredibly helpful on LinkedIn, especially when dealing with longer and more complex posts.”
Julia Keys
I employ this strategy to grow my LinkedIn audience. It’s widely recognized that likes, invitations, and page views can be automated, so genuine and consistent comments play a crucial role in establishing trust with potential clients. I appreciate your product—it’s fantastic! 😊
Francis Fadel
Business Owner
“socialscribe is an incredibly useful tool. It’s user-friendly and significantly simplifies interactions with others on LinkedIn!”
Lawrence Mills
Great & Amazing Experience
Sophia Hegmann
SaaS Owners
It’s user-friendly and significantly simplifies interactions with others on LinkedIn!
Tommie Lakin
“socialscribe has significantly streamlined the process of commenting on posts, making it quicker and more convenient. I highly recommend giving it a try!”
Jeanette Koss

Resources & support

API Key Generation OpenAI

How to generate and use OpenAI Key

See what’s coming next at AIPOOOL.

Stay Ahead, Stay Informed: Your AI Update Hub.

Start building awesome social following

Save many hours per month on writing personalized comments with AI to attract new clients and achieve faster conversions with every added touchpoint


Yes it reads through your profile page to make curated content and comments as if you are sending those replies.

Yes its completely free and you may just have to follow few steps of reviewing and following us on social platform to make it truly unlimited. Use your API keys to get your quota of token from OpenAI

No not at all as the post/comment is generated by AI but you will have to send it so control is in your hand and covers it.

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